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What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Fish, in fact, is something you should try to eat at least twice a week for a healthy diet as many experts say, but what pond fish are safe to eat?What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Well, as you know, not all pond fish are safe to eat. But the ones that are safe, are a good low-calorie source of protein.

Don’t worry, we are sure to have a fish in here you’re sure to enjoy.

This article is not to shy you away from eating pond fish, it’s to show you the best edible pond fish. So here’s the list of all pond fish that are safe to eat:



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Yes, believe it or not, you can eat these fish.

Although definitely ranked the lowest on the taste, as all they eat is fish pellets or flakes, etc.

If you do still decide to eat this species, please cook before doing so.

Also, when you’re ever at one of your friends’ houses and they have goldfish, do not pick one up and plop it into your mouth, this is commonly looked frowned upon.

Also, a common problem many people face is if the pond has high ammonia levels, pH, etc.

This can cause you to get very sick. To avoid this from happening, I recommend every pond owner purchase a water testing kit.

This will test for ammonia, pH, nitrites, and nitrates up to 500 tests!



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Yes, koi is safe to eat, but many people prefer not to eat it.

Koi is considered sacred in some areas like Japan and represents a symbol of good luck.

Koi meat, being part of the carp family is quite tough and chewy.

The chances of you receiving a bacterial infection are high due to living in stagnant water.

If you do have a pond and are raising koi in it, it can be very worthwhile to not eat them and sell at a high price once they get bigger.

So, think about that before cooking them, for you, or for your family.

This species looks very colorful, pretty and look great when swimming.

It is also expensive to purchase koi, even young. But yes, you can eat koi although due to the high cost and how sacred they are I wouldn’t do so.



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

This is an excellent food choice whether you’re at home with your family or even in the wilderness.

Often anglers go about and fish for bass as they are a fun catch and a tasty meal, a win-win.

They are actually a really healthy dish, They are packed with protein and vitamins.

Unfortunately, they do contain mercury, not very much mercury, but I wouldn’t recommend eating this all the time, as it could make you sick.

But every once in a while this can be a great treat. 



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

An adult minnow grows to about 2 to 3 in. They are a school fish and are often used as bait.

Yes, you can also eat minnows, the best way to cook these up is in a fry up in a pan usually toss in a bunch of them.

You can deep-fry the smaller ones in bulk and eat them whole.

Kind of cool about these minnows is that you don’t have to de-bone or gut them, like sardines. I’ve written an entire article about pond minnows if you’re interested.



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Catfish is one of the fish that is eating most often.

These species have delicious white meat with a very minimal fishy flavor.

The most common way to eat catfish is to fillet the fish and fry it up. The first step is to dip the fillets in some eggs, then put in a bag of flour and your favorite spices.

Once the whole fillet is completely covered, drop it right into the grease and let it cook.

The fillets fry very fast and should not take more than five minutes.

If it is not cooking, you will need to turn up the heat. Once it is all cooked, enjoy a delicious meal of catfish.



What Pond Fish Are Safe To Eat?

Bluegill, however, is pretty tasty, this species shouldn’t harm you in any way, no infections, nothing.

In fact, some people actually prefer bluegill over catfish, they’re pretty easy to catch and make a great meal.

I like to fillet them and then cover them in cornmeal. Ooh, that sounds really good right now.

I may go and catch some bluegill for a delicious dinner tonight.


Do Pond Fish Have Mercury?

The answer is, yes. Some pond fish do contain mercury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them.

You may have noticed in the list of fish above, that bass contain mercury.

Bass are completely fine to eat as long as you don’t it a lot of it, as a lot may cause problems.

Mercury is a toxin that accumulates in some species of fish, this can be very harmful to humans.

If you don’t eat fish that contain mercury you’ll be fine, but if you do eat a fish or two that do have mercury, you’ll still be fine.

Just don’t excessively eat this one species.


How To Tell What Fish Are Safe To Eat?

The only method to truly tell if a fish contains high amounts or any amount of pollutants is by having them tested in a lab.

This can be caused by sewage, the food they eat, and chemical spills.

This is of course if you are fishing in a public pond.

If you know where the water is coming from, then you should be alright. Or if you have built your own pond you should be completely fine.

So you shouldn’t have to be wary, on telling if a fish is safe to eat unless your fishing in a sketchy area.


Using Native Fish 

Using native fish in your pond will ensure you get the best survival rate when those fish are first introduced.

So, by doing a simple search, you’ll find the best fish to stock your pond and have more meals.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you have a small or large pond from 500 gallons to over 30,000 gallons!

Using native fish will greatly benefit your pond and will help your fish be healthier, stronger, better survival rate, and live longer.