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Water Lilies For Small Ponds

Not one kind of lily is suitable for every pond. I will give you the best water lilies for small ponds.Water Lilies For Small Ponds

You need to know that it is important to choose the right kind of lily which suits your pond.

In case you like lilies with larger leaves but you have a small pond then your lily will give a very rough look to your pond.

They are normally grouped in four groups, dwarf, small, medium and vigorous.

But some lilies do not fit in any category. Vigorous lilies are not the type you can keep in your garden.

The trick to choosing the right type for your pond is to choose one when they are fully grown.

You should consider the fact that your water lilies should not cover more than fifty percent of your pond.

Whether you choose any one type or a mixture of two-three types of lilies, the rule of fifty percent applies because you want to add shelter and beauty to your pond but, you do not wish to kill life at the pond by blocking the passage of sunlight and oxygen exchange.

Once you are done with making the measurements and considering the facts, the rest of the math becomes easy. 

These plants come in a wide range of colors and odors that whatever you choose according to your needs, you would not feel disappointed. Here is the kind suitable for smaller ponds.

If these water lilies are taking over your pond or are yellowing/dying, you should use plant clippers. 

They are very effective and ensure you don’t uproot them which could harm your pond in many ways.


Dwarf Lilies For Small Ponds

These lilies spread up to 30cm to 60cm and cover 1-3 square feet area when fully grown.

These are ideal lilies for small ponds, and even their smaller kinds can be used in tubs and barrels.

These need depth of 6inches to be implanted. They grow small flowers but that is nothing to be disappointed with.

They grow a number of small beautiful and fragrant flowers in summer and the sight of these will repay your efforts of selecting and implanting them. Some of the famous and beautiful varieties are;

  • Nymphaea Aurora

This is a small and changeable variety which suits small ponds and grows easily in tubs

  • Nymphaea Paul Hariot

It is a beautiful kind which has big flowers for a dwarf variety and is also changeable. It is best suited in ponds.

  • Nymphaea Laydekeri

These are present in a number of varieties and all of the varieties are suitable for small ponds

  • Nymphaea Sioux

This is a beautiful changeable variety with its pointed petals and purple spotted leaves. It gives a fabulous look to the pond.



Small Lilies For Small Ponds

Small lilies generally want a planting depth of around a foot (30cm) and canopy a vicinity of around three – twelve sq. feet (0.3 – 1.1sq m), with a ramification of between a pair of and four feet (0.6 – 1.2m). Tiny lilies can act in tiny ponds, and supply larger flowers than most of the dwarf varieties.

Here are some varieties of small lilies suitable for ponds.

  • Nymphaea ‘Froebeli’

The type is not notably seen, however worthy of planting. it produces prolific ruby flowers giving magnificent look to your pond.

  • Nymphaea ‘Laydekeri’

      Laydekeri exists in varieties of shapes and colors. It occupies smaller spaces like of that square measure ideal for even terribly tiny ponds.

  • Nymphaea ‘Sioux’

A ‘changeable’ selection with distinctively pointed petals and purple leaves.

These are the types of water lilies for small ponds.

The medium type lilies are more suitable for medium-size or larger ponds where they get enough space to blossom without causing any destruction.

Vigorous type is best suitable for rivers and streams. If you have a garden near stream then you can make the stream look beautiful with vigorous lilies.

Medium size lilies can be grown in smaller ponds with the utmost care, you cannot have many plants of these lilies and you will have to give them extra care for preventing them from growing at extraordinary rates.

If you are deeply attached to those lilies then you should be able to take those extra loads.

In other case dwarf and small size, lilies are the best options for your small ponds.

They will give you all the benefits at less care rate and with their small, attractive and fragrant blossoms, they will turn your pond into a very appealing attraction.

Water lilies are the best companion in decorating your pond.

You have to simply choose the right kind of water lilies and the plantation is very easy which you can do yourself without any prior experience.

Its easy plantation and the beauty of blossoms increase their demand worldwide.

People, no matter if they are having small backyard pond for a family to spend a good time and to increase the beauty of the house and to make it smell better or growing fishes in the pond, prefer to grow water lilies.

These are very much attractive and pull you closer to them on the very first site.

Children love to play around beautiful ponds and you can have your quality time with family.

In case you are having fishes, these babies will help you keep your fishes safe.

They make the temperature of the pond moderate by covering it from excessive sun exposure and by exchanging heat and gases with the outer environment.

These will hide your fishes in the pond so that predator birds like a heron will not do any harm to your fishes.

Moreover, fishes like to habitat covered spaces where they can hide and feel at home.

Tadpoles also feed on the rhizomes of water lilies.

These serve as natural food to these little creatures and they can just grow perfectly while feeding on them. Your pond is your responsibility which you need to maintain.

And life at the pond is also dependent upon you.

You need to choose the right kind of thing and habitats for fishes and tadpoles. Make waterlilies as your best companion in fulfilling your task.