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Pond Jets And Why All Ponds Need Them.Pond Jet

When building a pond, more often than not, jets are overlooked.

Once you have them in a pond, there will never be a pond that your build that doesn’t have jets.

Jets add so many benefits that are crucial for any pond. 

It is an all in one component that creates flow, oxygenates your water, and increases the efficiency of filters or skimmers.


Pond Jets Create Current

Adding a jet obviously creates a current in a pond, but why is having a current good? Currents give your fish something to swim against which increases activity and will health. 

If you have little or no current your fish will stay in a single spot. When you walk up to a pond you want to see fish swimming around instead of hiding out in a single spot.

Most of the time the fish in a pond who don’t have a current will stay in a single spot. And as soon as you walk upon the pond, they dart to a new spot. 

With the addition of jets, it will create a current that your fish will always be moving and swimming through.

Once the currents are in your pond, you will never see fish hiding out and staying in a single corner. It changes their personalities and makes observing your pond fun.

Pond Jets Add Oxygen

Adding jets in a pond will actually increase the amount of oxygen that is the water. 

If your jets are positioned correctly they will cause the surface water to roll which adds oxygen into the pond. Oxygen is needed not only by the fish but also helps the aquatic plants grow.

If your pond has a small amount of oxygen it could up ending in the dearth of fish. Just like humans fish need oxygen to breathe, the only difference is that they get the oxygen from water and we get it from the air.

Oxygen also helps defend against algae growth which no one wants in their pond. A pond with low oxygen levels promotes the growth of algae. 

Oxygen will also help your pond plants thrive, if their roots are constantly being supplied with oxygen it means they will be able to grow faster and stronger.

Pond Jets

Pond Jets Create A More Efficient Skimmer

Adding jets to a pond will greatly increase the efficiency of your skimmer. This means that your pond will become much cleaner and an overall healthier place for your fish to live.

The purpose of jets isn’t just to add oxygen or create a current. It is also to push debris that might fall into your pond toward the filter or skimmer. 

If the jets are positioned correctly they will all push the water towards one location of your pond, where your skimmer is. 

Skimmers are one of the most important factors of a pond, they remove floating debris, cycle the water, and create oxygen. If you really want your pond to thrive it is best to maximize your skimmer.

That is why jets are a super simple way to not only add other benefits but also maximize and increase the efficiency of your skimmer.


How To Position Jets

I know I have talked a lot about making sure your jets are positioned correctly so here I am going to tell you how to do that. 

Jets should be positioned 10-15 inches below the water level. If they are too deep they will not be effective and if they are too shallow they won’t create enough of a current.

The reason they are not effective under about 15 inches is because of the pressure of the water. The water pressure pushing down will out the way the current the jets make, making them almost useless.

After you have placed them, you want to slightly angle them up so that the surface water rolls. 

You don’t need the jets to be shooting the water out of the pond, but just enough so that it is rolling.

You want to make sure that each jet is at least 7 feet away from each other.

Each jet has enough power to push water about 7 feet across a pond. That means you want to space them out so your whole pond is being circulated. 

It doesn’t make sense to have two jets side by side pushing the water in the same direction because you are wasting the power of the jets.

Depending on how big your pond you may only need one jet to circulate your pond.

The last step is the make sure the jets push the water towards a skimmer of the filter. As I mentioned earlier you want your jets to push the water towards a filter or skimmer. 

So when you install then make sure they are all pushing the water in one direction.

Pond Jets

Do I Need A Pond Jet For A Small pond?

The short answer is yes, and here is why.

Although your pond may be small it is very important to still have flow and current.

Most ponds should be at least 7 feet across. If they are not, then it might be a little too small to be a pond with any koi fish in. 

Even if you only have one jet in your pond it helps tremendously. It will have all of the same benefits as any other pond.


Types of Pond Jets 

The most common jet for a pond is called an Eductor jet. These jets are super simple to set up and instantly create a current in any pond.

The way these jets are set up is simple. One end connects to a return pipe of a pump or skimmer, and the other of the jet pushes the water out. 

Along with the water coming from the pump, water is sucked in from the pond to create a faster and strong flow. 

When installing you can change the direction and angle of the jet just by moving it around.

I personally use Eductor jets because of how easy they are to set up and all of the benefits that I gain from them.

I can also add as many or as little jets needed to properly circulate my pond. It is as simple as adding on an adapter from the return tube of my filter.

I have linked to the educator jets that I personally use. The 4Spray Eductor jet.

Pond Jet



If you own a pond, you need to install jets as soon as possible. They are very easy to set up and add so many benefits. It helps maintain a beautiful and thriving koi pond.

I have noticed that any time a jet is installed to a pond, the fish are happier and much more active. The quality of water increase, plants flourish, and the oxygen levels are through the roof.

Adding jets to a pond is the easiest and best way to ensure that your plants thrive, your fish are active, and your pond is everything you wanted it to be.