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Laguna pt495: An Honest Review 

Ponds let you stay close to nature and help you feel fresh by sitting beside them.Laguna pt495

Having ponds is never enough unless you pay complete attention to it.

Pond maintenance is not an easy task for a single person to handle.

If you have a pond, then you need to have a perfect skimmer which would lighten the workload your pond already gives you.

Without a skimmer, pond debris including floating leaves, etc. starts to decompose at the bottom of your pond and ultimately changing into organic material which can harm your pond if left unchecked.

Moreover, these materials give out hazardous gases like ammonia and nitrogen which affects the life of your pond including fishes.

Even if the pond is empty, these gases will ultimately rise and pollute your surroundings.

The water will become dangerous for any living entity.

So what is the solution? It can be very tiring to clean the pond every day without any proper system installed.

If you think you can do it, you will end up getting rid of the pond.

If you want to keep your pond fresh and healthy for longer time periods, then the simple solution is to choose the best product to maintain your pond regularly and keep it beautiful and lively.

This is possible by the installation of the right kind of skimmer which would be according to your budget and would require less maintenance.

If you start spending time on maintaining the skimmer instead of the pond, you’ll still have a good looking pond with less than half the time you normally spend on your pond!

This can be a tough task to choose which skimmer would help you maintain your pond up to your expectations as they are available in many different and attractive sizes and colors.

One of the best choices of pond skimmers is the Laguna pt495. The Laguna pt495 is a filter that provides the most essential filtration to the pond water.

It provides you with the best possible and easy water gardening experience.

It is a hefty duty surface skimmer that uses a skimmer net to lift out all the wastages and hazardous things out of the pond leaving the water clean and fresh. This skimmer is very easy to maintain.

Laguna pt495Laguna pt495

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How does the Laguna skimmer work?

The Laguna skimmer is designed in a way that provides easy and little maintenance. It is manufactured with a lift out of a net to perform the required function.

Its large pump chamber allows custom adjustments while its doors with weir designs control the water intake through them to the pump chamber.

These doors allow the skimmer to clean pond water back and forth. Its rugged construction provides its long-lasting survival guarantee.

These skimmers can handle pond water up to 3000 gallons with a flow of 4200 gallons per hour.


Parts of the Laguna skimmer:

It includes several parts, each part performing a specific function and protects the skimmer from clogging and damage, and prolongs its life

  1. Removable lid skimmer
  2. Four filter brushes
  3. Skimmer net and
  4. Installation kit

Each part coming along with Laguna pt495 has its specific assigned function to it.

Removable lid skimmer:

This skimmer comes with a removable lid, which allows you to look into each internal part of the skimmer and satisfy your doubt about dysfunctional internal parts or of any low-quality part usage.

The lid can be easily removed and placed back without any intended damage to the skimmer.

Filter Brushes:

Laguna skimmer has four functional filter brushes attached inside.

These brushes offer a biomechanical filtration process. Most of the cleaning in the skimmer is done through these brushes by working with the coordination of other Laguna skimmer parts.

These brushes are also replaceable in case of any damage. The brushes give an attractive shape to the internal part of the cleaning unit.

Laguna pt495

Metal frame net:

This lift-out net touches the four brushes and catches a lot of debris from the pond water you can open the skimmer by removing its lid and you will see the debris caught in there.

Also, the net has a lot of space so it can easily clean a large portion of water at a time.

This characteristic of the skimmer makes it attractive for people with large size ponds to deal with the cleaning process.

Laguna pt495

Installation kit:

This kit comes along with the skimmer to install it on the pond correctly to get longer usage and benefits.

The kit provides special featured screws and screws machine to install the unit.


How To Set Up The Laguna pt495 Skimmer

The correct installation of the skimmer is a very important part because sometimes people fail to do the correct installation and end up damaging the product.

It’s very important to understand the installation procedure. Yet the installation is not much difficult. You just need to follow few simple steps

1. Excavation

It is important to make the excavation a few inches longer and few inches deeper than the skimmer’s size so that the skimmer would fit in easily.

40-43cm of depth below water level would be sufficient for pt495, so there is no need to dig too deep into the ground. An undisturbed piece of ground will serve as an ideal place for the skimmer.

The bottom of the hole should be leveled from front-back and from side to side.

  1. While placing the skimmer into the evacuated hole, make sure that its top is leveled from back to from and side to side
  2. The predetermined water level must fall below 3-4cm of the top of the face of the weir door
  3. For the weir to work properly you must check that if there is any unexcavated soil left; it must be below water level. (You may also put some small stone inside the skimmer unit to prevent it from moving.
  4. Now start to fill the empty area with the soil but keep in mind that while doing this do not compact the soil more than need. Over compacting may lead to improper placement of the unit parts.

Installation of the Laguna pt495


2. Attach The Liner

Like any other piece to be attached, Liner needs certain steps to be followed

  1. While you attach the liner, do not forget to leave excess slack below the weir door. This space will prevent any future strains.
  2. While installation make sure that there is no debris caught in the front opening of skimmer and backside of the Liner
  3. When you are satisfied with the position of the Liner, with the help of clip springs which you get in your installation kit, clip it in in the place.
  4. Using the hole which you see in the face of the skimmer as a guide, cut the hole in the Liner for the weir door with the help of a razor or utility knife.
  5. After applying the fish–safe silicone beads 2cm away from the opening of the weir door place the Liner back into its position and replace the spring clips.

Installation of the Laguna pt495

3. Attach Final Components

This is the last attachment in the installation of the skimmer but not the least. It also requires your attention

  1. Unlatch and lower the door until its fully open
  2. Next, you need to assert the weir door assembly into the opening of the skimmer. (Remember that weir door will not simple get settled into the right place)
  3. The next step requires different work of both hands at the same time. With one hand you need to push the weir door into the skimmer opening while with another hand gently push down the door latch until it frees the top of the opening.
  4. You need to put the frame of the weir door in the face of the skimmer opening by pushing the door into it
  5. The holes of the skimmer face and weir door frame must line with each other
  6. In the top corner, Pierce the liner by correcting the placement of holes with the help of nails.
  7. Now fasten the corners with the help of the machine screws and serrated flange nuts provided with the installation kit
  8. Now complete the task of screw installation but keep in mind that screws must not be too tight, they just need to make a seal.
  9. It is good to use your fingers instead of serration while inserting flange nuts.

All the steps in the attachment of the weir door must be followed cautiously because little ignorance may result in disrupting the overall functioning of the skimmer.


4. Plumb The Skimmer

After you have installed the skimmer completely, you would like it to start working. All you would be required then is to plumb your skimmer.

Pump outlets come packed along with the skimmer, which is predrilled to accept 5cm PVC pipe.

These outlets are drilled to stay above water level so you do not need to make waterproof connections.

The other predrilled hole on the skimmer can be blocked with the black stone which also comes along with the package.


Maintenance of the Laguna pt495

Once the skimmer is installed; it will work according to your expectations and you would not need to check on it again and again or revise the settings.

But as every functional thing needs maintenance, the skimmer needs a little maintenance too although it doesn’t take many energies of yours. Just a little care would be enough for it to perform its accurate functions.

The parts of the skimmer including brushes and metal-framed net can easily be removed and washed in case of any debris caught in there.

Garden hose can be used for this purpose but the biological media needs to be cleaned with pond water periodically in case of any accumulation of sediments.

Here are some quick steps to clean the skimmer and get it new again

  1. Drain the pond to underneath the level of opening of the unit
  2. Empty the unit from the water
  3. Empty the floating door
  4. Take away and rinse all filter media and store it inside.
  5. Clean the trash web.
  6. Take away the pump from the unit, clean as per the manufacturer’s directions, and store the pump inside.
  7. Make sure that tubing is free of debris and water

Just by following these simple steps, you can make your skimmer last longer than expected.

You are required to buy a pond skimmer if you wish to maintain a healthy pond then why not go for a choice you already know about.

The technological world has left you many choices for everything you think of, but you should choose only the best, the product which suits your pocket and your pond because it is of no use to buy cheap products and spend every day on its maintenance.

With the Laguna pt495, all your worries will be gone forever.

It offers you the best quality at the most possible moderate rates. It’s easy to rinse and use parts that would help you save your time and energy which you could have needed to send on other products that require a lot of time in cleaning them.


Laguna Pond Skimmer – Buyer’s Guide

The Laguna pt495 will provide you with the best possible benefits of a skimmer at very affordable rates. It has a large area to collect debris from your pond inside it.

It is an attractive option for fish stock ponds as well as large size ponds. it serves many other purposes including its effectiveness for floating debris like leaves and other things that may fall into the pond water and can be hazardous ultimately.

It holds a lot of debris hence a good option for large ponds and it also requires less maintenance than other kinds of skimmers.

With these benefits, it has some requirements like good water flow and precautious initial setup. I have tried multiple skimmers and The Laguna pt495 outperforms all of the competition.