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Do Goldfish Eat Algae in Ponds?

If you are keeping goldfish in your pond you may soon realize they are always on the lookout for food, this is because goldfish do not have a stomach to hold food.DO Goldfish Eat Algae In Ponds

This means the goldfish can always be eating and always have it coming out the other end. Goldfish are omnivores meaning they will eat plants as well as small insects.

Yes, Goldfish do eat algae growing in ponds. Goldfish alone are not enough to solve your algae problem. Algae grows much faster than goldfish can eat. Even a pond full of six-eight goldfish won’t be able to keep up.

Any plant you put in your pond is at risk of being eaten, that is why they should be properly fed.

While the goldfish will gladly eat the algae in your pond, you need to make sure they are also being fed healthy pellet food.


Is Algae Good For Your Goldfish?

Algae has little to no nutritional value, meaning it is neither beneficial nor harmful to goldfish. Goldfish cannot survive on algae alone, and I would highly suggest you add fish pellets into their diets. 

You’ll want to make sure you keep your algae contained and not outgrow the rest of your pond. This can lead to fish health problems, the death of plants due to the algae taking away its nutrients, and making your pond green and gross.


Are Goldfish Enough To Control Your Pond Algae?

Goldfish are not enough to keep your pond clean of algae. Algae grows at an extremely fast rate, and goldfish produce nitrates that help algae grow.

Adding plants as well as fish have a perfect balance to keep the algae at a low level. Scientists say you should have 50-60% of your pond covered with plants. For my pond to keep algae at a low level, I use water lilies and elephant ears.

These plants produce a lot of oxygen and remove unwanted nitrates from the water to help keep my fish healthy and keep my water clean.

Are Goldfish Enough To Control Your Pond Algae?



Best Food For Your Pond Goldfish

As a pond owner, I feed my fish a variety of foods, although make sure not to overfeed your goldfish, feeding your goldfish should not be taken lightly as it can cause various problems for your pond and goldfish.

Overfeeding is not such a big problem for your goldfish but as-is for your pond.

If you overfeed your fish the extra food will be left to sit on the bottom floor and get lost in different nooks and crannies of your pond and will start to rot.

The rotting food will produce ammonia which is bad for the ecosystem in your pond, the ammonia is toxic for the fish.

Too much ammonia in your pond will not allow new seedlings in your pond to grow.

I recommend purchasing a water testing kit, as this will allow you to test ammonia, pH, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphate levels in your pond very easily.

It will make sure everything is going well in your pond because if not, you’ll know before it’s too late.

Goldfish being omnivores, meaning they eat plants and animals, have a wide variety of food they will eat.

Most people only feed their fish store-bought flakes or pellets while that is not bad for the fish, there is so much more to make them happier and make their colors stand out and pop.

Now, my favorite food I’ve been feeding my fish is Koi Vibrance, it is used to make the color in all your fish pop, not just koi.

Other good food options to include with pellets and flakes are blood worms, brine shrimp, and peas with the skin removed.


How Often to Feed Your Goldfish?

How Often to Feed Your Goldfish?

Goldfish can live a surprisingly long time with virtually no food. For my goldfish (9 of them), I feed them every other day.

If you end up going on vacation for a week or two they should survive on just algae, although I would recommend asking a neighbor to feed them. You can also purchase an automatic pond feeder. They are easy to set up and you will never have to worry about your fish going hungry.  I personally use the Ani Mate Fish Feeder, but there are plenty of other options on Amazon.

I am usually a gambler, but even I wouldn’t leave my fish without food for 2 weeks or more.



So, Do Goldfish Eat Algae in Ponds?

Yes, although feeding your goldfish algae as a main source of food could result in the death of your fish because it does not provide enough nutrients for your fish to survive and thrive.

But making sure you feed them flakes and pellets, as well as other supplements, such as peas and blood worms, will allow your goldfish to get the nutrition needed to grow and have their colors and personalities pop in the pond.